Thinks about maybe doing some commissions 

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i’m like an npc i won’t do anything unless you interact with me

Not talking drunk flirty Kankri either, no, no, fuck that.

I’m talking super sass, mildly bitter, everyone is a bitch drunk Kankri.

He will tell you all about  the fact its a shame you have to live with your face looking like that but will totally make sure you are treated with respect and care.

Kankri is so important to me.

Your icon is beautiful.

Thank you kindly frond. =UvU=

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if chad and joakim don’t kiss i demand a refund

How can you get a refund if you didn’t pay for anything NERD

Looks u dead in the eye, you kno my ocs are single

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pickup line: is ur oc single

I wish I could just watch anime on my own accord, but nah someone literally has to hold my hand. Otherwise I just won’t watch it for some god awful reason. This is problematic cause I know I’m missing high quality stuff.

Going to say my blog is actually snappy comebacks, some pictures, and early morning bitching